Monday 3 August 2020

Driving With Mosquitoes

    When we get a mosquito infestation one seeks escape, but when the bugs are bad, escaping becomes a difficult thing to do.  You might think you could just jump in the car and drive off to one of the few local spots where there aren’t mosquitoes, (windy places or some open place surrounded by fields), but if you try to drive off somewhere, the moment that you open the car door, the mosquitoes swarm in, eager to go with you.
    As you are driving, concentrating on the road, the mozzies take advantage of your limited ability to swat them away, and attack.  If you have a passenger, they can try to kill some of the mosquitoes, but that ends up leaving blood-smears all over the inside of the car.  You can try to open the windows in hopes some will get sucked out of the moving vehicle, but most go hide when they feel the wind from the open window.
    When you get where you are going and open the door to get out, there is always the hope that the mosquitoes will also leave the car, but they don’t.  Instead, mosquitoes from this new location fly into the car to join and visit with the mosquitoes you have brought with you from home.
    I often hear people talk about “Win-Win” situations, but when it comes to a mosquito infestation, all I can see is “Lose-Lose.”

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