Monday 24 August 2020

Damn Bear

    After our disaster of a winter that destroyed our cherry and plum trees, we tried to look on the bright side and told ourselves that at least our apple trees made it through.  Our main producing apple tree was thriving during our very wet spring and summer and was producing nice sized apples.  Yesterday while we were perusing the garden we discovered that half of the apple tree was laying on the ground.  Evidently a bear had been able to climb over the fence (I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a wire fence that adds 3 feet above the picket fence) and thrashed the apple tree.
    We had had so much trouble with bears destroying our apple trees that when we bought this apple tree we planted it inside our fenced garden, erroneously thinking that it would be protected from hungry bears.  Obviously it wasn’t.
      Salt is rubbed in our wounds in seeing that the bear didn’t even bother eating most of the apples.  I  guess after tearing off half of the tree, he took a few bites then realized the apples weren’t yet ripe.
    Gardening is sure becoming a frustrating pastime for us.

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