Tuesday 15 October 2019


    I had an inquiry from a reader who wondered how my firewood situation was, and since I didn’t really have any other thing to blog about today, that is my subject.
    I think I now have enough to get me through the winter.  The photo above is a bit deceptive because there are actually two rows of firewood, one behind the other.  It certainly looks like a lot of wood, but all firewood isn’t created equally.  A lot of it is spruce, pine, and some cottonwood.  Those burn quickly and don’t put out much heat, so we go through them pretty quickly.  The other half is birch which I save for the coldest nights because it burns slowly and puts out a lot of heat.
    Another big variant is the winter temperatures.  If we get a really cold spell (below -25C or -13F) then we really start going through the firewood rapidly, and my stash of wood starts to shrink pretty quickly.
    A lot of the wood you see is insurance, just in case we get a really cold winter.  I just about always have a lot of firewood left over by the time Spring arrives, but I like to put up more than I will probably use, because I don’t want to be caught without on those cold winter nights.

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  1. That is great to always have some leftover. And a big job.
    Do you have other heat as well and just supplement with wood?