Sunday, 27 October 2019

Instruments of Destruction

    The Robson Valley, where I live, is a fairly pristine place that still has some large wilderness areas that have never really been impacted by humans.  Forty years ago, when we moved here those pristine areas were a whole lot bigger.
    That is the problem with living in areas that are pretty much naturally intact; over time you see more and more of those wild areas destroyed, in our case by logging.  While the rate of logging has decreased due to economic conditions, every year we still come upon new cutblocks, and see a constant stream of logging trucks barreling down the highway carrying away what used to be a forest.
    During the Spring and the Fall there is a break in the logging, because the conditions in the mountains become to muddy to operate in.  That is why all these machines are sitting there in the photo.  They are getting repaired and ready for the winter logging season to come.

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