Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Snow Day...Snow Night

    The snow just keeps on falling.  We got about 30cm. (12 inches) of fresh snow yesterday.  I shoveled my driveway twice.  Fortunately, our friend Alec stopped by and helped me shovel the second time.  I haven’t been able to measure how much is on the ground because I haven’t been able to snowshoe  out to the spot I usually measure at. 
    The photo shows what our picket fence looks like.  The pickets are about four foot (1.2m) high and as you can see there isn’t much of them sticking up out of the snow.
    As a kid when I lived in the midwestern US, I used to look forward to “Snow Days”, when the schools would be closed because of snowfalls.  I had a “Snow Day” yesterday, when things were cancelled, but it didn’t make me happy because I missed two things that I enjoy.  My writing workshop was cancelled because of the snow and in the evening, we didn’t have our jam because people couldn’t make it..  It was really hard to miss playing music.
    Below is a photo I took of our house last night.

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