Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Season of Paths

    Instead of doing my normal routine of painting a square, this morning I was spending that time out with my snowblower trying to clear snow off of my driveway.  As I ran the machine up toward the door of the barn, it struck me that we were now entering the season of paths.  This usually happens every winter; the snow finally gets so deep (probably around 30cm or 12 inches,) where it becomes just too burdensome to walk haphazardly cross the yard; you have to stick to a path.
    The driveway is a wide path, but I will have to establish a narrow path to the barn, another path to the compost pile, and a third path to allow us to walk around the pond for exercise.  The snow is supposed to continue, so by the time it eases off, I will probably have to get the snowshoes out and tramp around the pond a couple of times to smash the snow down to establish that path.
    Although it does limit what we do, I like having a lot of snow on the ground, and it wouldn’t feel like a proper winter without all that white stuff blanketing everything.

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