Monday 2 October 2017

Up the Kinney Lake Trail

    I am not very self-motivated when it comes to going on hikes, in fact I am not sure I have ever just decided to go on a hike and then do it.  I need someone to ask me or to have it part of some event.  Luckily, on Sunday there was an event up on Kinney Lake in Mount Robson Park.  Two of our local musicians, Keith Berg and Jane Houlden were going to perform on their Alpen horns beside the lake.
    That was reason enough for me.  I drove to Mt. Robson and began the 6 km (4 mile) trek up to the lake.  It is such a beautiful trail.  It slowly climbs through a dark and mossy Cedar-Hemlock forest (my favorite) beside the turbulent Robson River to the placid turquoise lake.
    I have always loved the moss covered forests of cedar and hemlock trees.  They seem so primal and ancient.  In places the forest floor was obscured by thimbleberry plants with their autumn-yellow leaves.  Even though I had given myself plenty of time to get to Kinney Lake, I was late and the music had already begun because I had stopped so many places along the trail to take photos. 
    Tomorrow I will show you what Kinney Lake looked like with the fall colors.

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