Tuesday 31 October 2017

Ice on the Pond

    Winter is such a dominate part of the Robson Valley, so I guess it is no surprise that autumn is a season where we are constantly on watch for the signs of winter.  We got one of those signs yesterday when I woke up to discover that my pond was covered with ice.   It didn’t seem to me that it had been that cold, but I guess the nightly low temperatures gradually cooled the water surface to the freezing level.
    The temperatures of bodies of water become stratified and layered during the summer and winter.  In summer you get a warm layer on the top and cooler layers as you go deeper.  In winter, the very top layer is the coldest.  In spring and fall they layers overturn.  I can only assume that that happened some time ago. 
    Even Horseshoe Lake which is many times larger than my pond is now frozen, I thought maybe because of its size, it would take it longer to freeze than my pond, but I guess not.  I’m not sure if the ice will now remain until spring or whether we will get a thaw before winter really hits.

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