Friday 6 October 2017

Alpine Horns

    On the trail up to Kinney Lake, I must have stopped too many times to take photos, because I could hear the alpine horn concert as I was still walking around the lake.  It was nice to hear the low sounds of the horns from across the turquoise water.  When I got to the spot where Keith Berg and Jane Houlden where playing, I joined the 30 other people who had gathered there to listen to the music.
    I especially enjoyed the harmonies when the two horns played together and the endings when one of the horns went very low.  The music consisted of tonal phrases, with pauses that allowed the music to faintly echo off of the mountains.  It was a very interesting and unique experience.
    I left a bit early because and could hear the last tones of the music as I retraced my steps back around the side of the lake.  I was surprised as I walked how many local people came out of the bush, up from the lakeside to the trail as I was heading back.  Some had listened to the music from this side of the lakeshore and others had unfortunately arrived late.  I think about 50 people came to listen all together.
    I appreciate that we have two local musicians who play and willingly perform on their alpine horns so their music can reverberate through our majestic mountains.  

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