Friday 27 October 2017

A Beautiful Day

    Yesterday the Robson Valley got one of those crisp, clear, sunny, autumn days.  As luck would have it, it was also the day for our book club, which seems to be the only time I ever ride my bike into town.  After our snowfall, I had pushed the bike into the barn for the winter, but the weather was so inspiring  that I hauled it back out and rode it into McBride for our book gathering.
    The cold wind ripping on my ears as I swept down the long hill by the Mennonite church was a bit painful, and I stopped at the bottom of the hill to let them warm up.  As I rested beside the Fraser River I took the photo you see.  The river’s surface was mirror-like and nicely reflected the fresh snow on the Cariboo Mountain Range.  
    By the time I got to the library my legs were complaining about all the sudden exertion, and later, when I got back home, the hard peddling up the Mennonite hill really made my legs wobbly, but I was glad I had taken advantage of the beautiful day and got my bike back out.   That makes three whole trips to town on the bike this year which is a trifle compared to all my biking to work most days before I retired.

Take a look at my photo-realistic paintings:

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