Tuesday, 27 June 2017

My Fern Feature

    In 2011, I had a big spruce tree crack open an fall on my barn crushing its roof.  Although the tree always looked very healthy, it was rotten inside.  It took me a couple of years to completely reconstruct the barn and clean up all of the spruce pieces.  After all that work, I was left with a big stump with rot in the middle and a couple of spruce chunks at the edge of our yard.
    I decided to arrange the pieces around the stump and then I went out into the woods and dug up some ferns and planted them in soil that I had put in the hollowed stump and pieces.  Over the years the ferns have adapted to their new home.  I bought a light green Hosta which I planted  in front as an accent.  This is what my “Fern Feature” looks like now.

You can view my paintings at:  www.davidmarchant.ca

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