Sunday 18 June 2017

Hawkweed: Finding Beauty in an Invader

    Hawkweed is an invasive plant that has in the last 20 years, spread over a lot of the land in the Robson Valley.  I hate it.  It is so good at growing that it has squeezed out and taken over big sections of my lawn.  Once it has established itself, it prevents all other plants from growing there.  It comes in two colors; yellow and orange. 
    While I have an immense dislike for the weed, I do find the flower of the orange variety beautiful.  Unfortunately my property is covered with the yellow kind which are very plain and uninteresting.  I have only found one plant of the orange variety growing on my property.  I wish it would spread and take over the yellow, but that seems unlikely.
    The photo of hawkweed below was taken in the playing field at the Dunster school.  

You can take a look at my paintings:

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