Wednesday, 28 June 2017


    Nature follows a schedule, one species of flower blooms, fades, then another species puts on a show.  At present the foxglove is current attraction in our vegetable garden.  They spread their seeds every year and new ones come up in the late summer.  Their growth is interrupted by winter, but they survive the cold under the blanket of snow and are ready in the spring to start growing again.
     Early this spring I dug up all the little plants that were scattered all over our vegetable garden and replanted them in a row, so I could rototill and plant my veggies.  
    Foxglove sure have a beautiful blooms with the gradient of color along the column of flowers.  The colored dots on the inside of the lip of the flower is also a nice touch.  

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  2. Nature is amazing, with a little orderly help thrown in.