Thursday 21 April 2016

Blossoming Like Crazy

    I’m not sure if its the very early arrival of warm weather or something that happened last fall, but we are seeing and extraordinary amount of blossoms around our house that we have never experienced before.  Our plum trees, that in the past only managed to put our a handful of white flowers are covered.  The pink flowering almond had never bloomed and there was talk of digging it up.  Our forsythia has always been an embarrassment because of its sparsity of flowers and this year it is down right respectable.
    I am particularly excited about our plum trees.  In past years I have only gotten maybe one or two plums, if any, off of them, and with this year’s explosion of blooms and all the bee activity between the two trees, I have high hopes of getting, at least enough plums to put in a bowl. 
    Spring is always such an optimistic time.

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