Monday 11 April 2016

A Spring Garden Surprise

    This might not be a surprise to knowledgeable vegetable gardeners, but it was a surprise to me.  It was a nice reward for my laziness last autumn.  I generally pull out all of the plants in my garden and rototill the garden before winter, but last fall I didn’t get around to it.  As a result there were a lot of weeds and vegetable roots left in my garden this spring.
    Yesterday as I was trying to clean away the old weeds, to my surprise I discovered a whole row of lettuce, green and leafy, growing vigorously.  I really didn’t expect to find growing lettuce in the garden. Two weeks ago I planted new lettuce seeds in the garden, but that hasn’t come up, but this discovery that last year’s lettuce is regrowing will provide us with lettuce to eat very soon.  I tasted a leaf to see if it was bitter, but it was fine.
    From now on I think I will leave some lettuce plants in the ground over winter so I have an early crop in the spring. 

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