Sunday 16 November 2014

Valemount's Christmas Fair

    Yesterday, I made my annual excursion to Valemount, BC to sell my calendars at their Christmas Craft Fair.  Every year I create a calendar which features my cartoons and trivia specific to the individual dates.  I got 185 of the calendars printed up and so as I drove down Hwy. 16 on my way to the fair, I always wonder how many I will sell and if I will re-coop my expenditures.  
    Fortunately, I had a good day.  I sold 60 calendars, and that pretty much pays for the printing--that was what I was hoping for.  It is always an enjoyable experience selling at Valemount, visiting with people I usually only see once a year at the fair.  
    Next Saturday we have McBride’s Christmas Fair and a chance for me to move into the black and make a profit.   I am always pleased that people enjoy them so much year after year (calendars are a good scam, because they always become obsolete after a year and people have to get new ones.)  My calendars seem to have lots of fans.   People often tell me the only reason they came to the fair is to get one of my calendars.  That always makes me feel good.
    I also have my calendars for sale in McBride’s Whistlestop Gallery.

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