Wednesday 26 November 2014

The Bluffs

    We are still trying to get used to the changes in our view-scape since we had the tops of our willow trees whacked off.  One of the things that is more noticeable now is the view of the rock bluffs that are situated up on the mountain slope across the road from our house.  They have been blocked from view for so long that it is almost a shock to look up and see them hovering there.
    After we bought our house in the late 1970’s, I hiked up to the top of the bluffs and took some photos of our place.  A couple of years ago I hiked up to the bluffs again to take some updated photos and after all that climbing, huffing, puffing, and sweating, I was disappointed to discover that I couldn’t even see our house because it was obscured by the lush foliage of the willows.  Now that they have been cut back, I am sure the house can again be seen from the bluffs.  I will have to do another hike up there in the spring and try again.

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