Monday 10 November 2014

This is Better

    In our household we keep to a schedule.  We eat breakfast, we go for a morning walk, and then I go to paint, Joan tends to her knitting, the cat snoozes in the box beside my computer, and Skye takes a morning nap on my bed.  Yesterday after our walk through the rain, Skye was ready to jump up on my bed, but she was a bit wet, so I spread out the turquoise and purple woolen afghan on the foot of my bed so Skye wouldn’t get my bed damp.  In order to keep her on the foot of the bed, I placed two patterned pillows from the sofa across the middle of the bed.  
    Skye jumped up on the bed, and curled up on the afghan and settled in to sleep, so I left her and when off to paint my square.
    After I got my square painted, I glanced into the bedroom and discovered that in my absence, Skye had decided that while the afghan was an okay sleeping surface, it would be cozier if she moved up the head of the bed and cozied up in the space between my pillows and the pillows from the sofa.  What a spoiled dog.

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