Saturday 8 November 2014

Sick of Rain

    One good thing about doing a blog and living in British Columbia, is that if nothing else, you can always write about the weather.  It always provides grist for the mill.  
    We have had a warmer than usual fall, but it has also been a lot wetter than normal.  It seems to rain and rain, with short breaks which provide periods of high wind.  This time of year we should be getting snow.  It is unusual to see puddles forming in the bush  Trails are getting muddy and slippery.  I hate it.   I always find it difficult to get motivated when it is dark and gray, so I haven’t gotten much done over the last couple of weeks.  It is all very uninspiring.  
    One might think that I would be happy with the fact that the weather promises to change next week, but I am not cheered--it is going to get cold.  We are expecting lows of -21C (-5.8F).  I would find it easier to take if we had a nice layer of insulating snow on the ground before it got cold, but the weather never listens to me.

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