Wednesday 19 November 2014

Tough Love For Our Willows--The Results

    Every time we walk outside now, we are shocked at how light it is.  We were so used to having the willows, even without the leaves, partially filter the light of the sky, that it is really noticeable now that the branches have been cut back.  I have even noticed the difference at night, when I go out to get firewood, we can see so many more stars twinkling in the sky.
    One of the secondary reasons for getting the willows shortened was to provide more light for our garden.  Even though the trees were some distance away, they blocked the amount of sun getting to the garden and greenhouse until 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning.  I am hoping to see some improvement in my crops as a result.

Another result is I have several big piles of firewood that will give me a head start on next year’s supply.  I also now have a huge pile of wood chips that I plan to use to cover muddy sections of our trails and can also be used on other such landscaping projects as they arise.  The chips would have otherwise been taken to the dump.
    Of course, the poor trees now look pretty pitiful, more like cactus, than trees.  They will probably carry this look, until they develop more branches  in a couple of years, but I am breathing a lot easier now, glad that we eliminated the danger of the big heavy limbs falling on the house.

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