Tuesday 24 September 2013

The Rummage Sale

     Every year the church that Mom goes to has a rummage sale.  It was something that Mom always told me about.  She talked about those things she took down to the rummage sale to get rid of and about all those things she bought at the rummage sale and brought home.  I have been the recipient of many a shirt that Mom found at the rummage sale and bought for me.
     It seems I just missed the rummage sale by coming down to Evansville when I did.  It was a couple of weeks ago.  One year, when Joan and I drove down, we got to go to the rummage sale and ended up with a fancy old screen wooden screen door, that we had to tie to the top of the car to get it back to British Columbia.  I guess I really wouldn't have have had to go to the rummage sale to get the screen door since it was something that my sister donated to the sale.
    There was an interesting story that came out of this year's sale.   My mom must have told   Francine, who is one of my mom's care givers, about all of the bargains to be had at the rummage sale because Francine went to the sale and found a lady's billfold that she like, and bought it.  When she got home and was inspecting it, she discovered that it came complete with the previous owner's Social Security card and employee's identification card.
     Fortunately for the previous owner, Francine is an honest person and because of the ID cards in the wallet, she knew who the previous owner was.  The envelope you see in the photo contains all the previous owner's ID's.  It is sitting on my mom's kitchen table waiting until the time when it can be delivered back to the wallet's previous owner.

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