Monday 23 September 2013

Coca-Cola Cake

     Julie, who is one of my mother's neighbors, is really a kind and thoughtful person.  Not only is she always offering to help Mom out in a hundred different ways, but she is always making food for Mom and dropping it off.  
     When I arrived, I noticed that in my mom's kitchen there was a 9"x 13" (23cm x 33cm) chocolate cake.  Mom told me it was a "Coca-Cola" cake which Julie had brought over for her.  She then knocked me over with the details:  Julie made it using a can of Coke in the icing and another can in the "cake".  Additional ingredients in the icing include 4 cups of sugar and a lot of butter.  You can see from the photo that the icing is actually thicker than the cake.  The cake seems more like fudge.
     I have a pretty prominent "sweet tooth", but the Coca-Cola cake slowed me right down.  It was so rich and sweet,  I could only eat a small section of it at a time.  I have been now eating on the cake a week and there is still one piece of it left to eat.
     I saw Julie the other day and thanked her for being so generous in helping Mom out, and making the cake.  She said that periodically, in a mood of reminiscence, she craves things from her childhood and she remembered how much she loved her mom's Coca-Cola cake, so she made one.
     It is interesting to note that my mother lives in Evansville, Indiana.  A couple of years ago statistics came out that pointed to Evansville as being the "Fattest City in the United States" because of the large percent of it's citizens that were obese.  It's foods like Coca-Cola cake that helped them win the title.

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