Thursday 26 September 2013

On & In the Web

    In my daily excursions around my mother's house, I have been noticing a lot of spiders busily making webs and gathering the fruits if their labors.  I don't possess a lot of knowledge about spiders so I can't tell you what kind they are, but here are some photos of what I have been seeing.

     The one you see above has made a pretty extensive web over the myrtle vines.  In the center of the web it has constructed this tunnel where it hides.  I assume when something lands on its web it quickly scrambles out to kill it.

     This is a fairly large spider that was devouring something that was tangled in its web.  When it saw me approach it scrambled up to safety near a beam on the carport.  When I walked away it came back down to do more eating.  I approached more slowly the next time and got the shot.  With its legs extended this spider was probably an inch (30cm) long.

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