Friday 27 September 2013

The Banging of Shoes

     My mother lives right beside a golf course.  In many ways it is like living beside a park.  The grounds are well kept, there are a lot of activity to watch as we sit on her back porch.  Golfer's getting their golf bags out of their car, golfers zipping from hole to hole on their golf carts, golfers standing in the parking lot chewing the fat and drinking after playing their game, and then there are the shoes.
     I don't play golf myself, so I have no personal knowledge of this, but it seems that second to playing golf, their favorite activity is standing around banging their golf shoes together.  All afternoon there is a constant concussion of noise as hundreds of golf shoes get clapped together.  Playing on such finely manicure lawns, and spending most of their time driving around in golf carts, you wouldn't expect that their shoes would pick up so much debris that it would be necessary to slam them together.
     Some golfers can't even wait until after they play their round of golf, they drive into the parking lot, get out of their cars, open their trunks to retrieve their golf equipment, then grab their golf shoes and start banging them together.  Some budding entrepreneur could probably make a killing by setting up Golf Shoe Banging Centers were duffers could come, pay their money, then pound their shoes, and leave without having  to spend so much time swinging a club or driving around in a golf cart.
     When we visit my mom, a great deal of time sitting on the porch.  When visitors join us there and hear the banging of shoes coming from the golf course, they turn their heads, scanning the golf course trying to figure out what caused the noise.  When it is explained that it was just a golfer banging their shoes, they seem disappointed, expecting a more exciting explanation for the loud and echoing report, but no, it was just some golfer clapping his shoes together.

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