Wednesday 10 January 2024

Finally, Some Snow

    I was glad that we finally got some snow.  It was not a big snowfall, only about 5 inches (12 cm), but at this point in our “snow drought”, I am happy to get anything.  It was just enough snow for me to get out my snowblower and clean the driveway.  This was the first time this year I was able to use it, and it was good to see it still worked.

    Not only is the snow important for replenishing our deprived hydrology, but it will also provide a bit of insulation to the ground and the roof, because starting tomorrow, it is forecast to become brutally cold, with a frigid -38°C ( -36° F) temperature.  

    What a winter we are having.  First extremely warm and dry, and now, suddenly terribly cold.  It sure makes me nostalgic for what used to be normal.   

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