Thursday 11 February 2021

Picture Window

     I don’t like to spend the whole day watching television, but did so, even though it was quite beautiful outside.  The daytime temperature was still cold (-22C, -7F), so that didn’t offer much encouragement, so instead I happened to turn on the television and immediately got sucked in to the riveting Democrat presentation on the Trump Impeachment Trial.  It was just too difficult to tear myself away.

    So I lounged on the couch in front of the TV most of the day.  While I was slouching on the couch, I happened to look out of our picture window from my low vantage point and noticed the distant snow-capped Cariboo Mountains in the back ground and the heavily snow-laden spruce bough in the foreground.  I did manage to force myself off of the couch, grab my camera, and here is the picture.

    This morning’s temperature was -35C (-31F).  Supposedly there is supposed to be a slow warming trend.  Let’s hope so.

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