Friday 9 November 2018

The Fleeting Excitement of the First Snowfall

    I think it must be a remnant of childhood memories, but I am always excited about getting the first snow.   Visions of tearing down a hill on a sled, having snowball fights, and not having to go to school because of the snow, have painted a joyful and colorful picture that lies deep down in my sub-conscious, and that is always the first thing that registers upon seeing the first snow.  
    Unfortunately, the older I get, the more rapidly that initial excitement wears off, as the realism of snow, replaces those idyllic childhood memories.  
    This morning when I looked out the window and saw it, my first reaction was an excited joy, but all that was immediately extinguished upon my first unstable footsteps onto the white stuff--”Oh right, snow is slippery.”  The positive feeling I had about getting snow will further diminish, upon driving the car to town.  
    How quickly feelings can come on, then turn and vanish.

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