Thursday 15 November 2018

Making Ourselves Go For A Walk

    We make ourselves go for a walk every afternoon.  If the sun is shining and there isn’t any wind it is easy enough to do, but if the weather is foul, it’s difficult to drum up enough motivation to head outside to do it.  Having a dog was also a helpful motivator, because we felt some parental responsibility to get her outside for some physical exercise.  Since we lost Skye it’s much harder to get ourselves moving, but we do.
    Yesterday afternoon when we looked out the window we saw that ugly mixture of rain and snow.  It was difficult to force ourselves outside, but we relinquished or sanity long enough to put on our rain/snow wear and head out.  Fortunately, by the time we got to Jervis Road the rain had disappeared and there was only the blowing snow to deal with.  Beaver Mountain which usually towers over the view had completely disappeared.
    Our trip down the road was not much fun, but when we turned around it was worse; the blowing snow hit us square in the face.  I am happy to report we survived the ordeal.
    One thing about doing the walk in bad weather--it always feels so good when we have finished and are back in the car.

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