Monday 26 November 2018

Power Outage

    If I had a dime for every time we had a wind storm and the power when out, I’d be a rich man. 
    It happened again this morning.  I had finished painting a square, and just settled down to write the blog, when I heard the desperate “beeps” that indicated life was ebbing out of some of my electronic equipment, and then the electricity was gone.  Luckily the power was only out for a few of hours this time.
    We had things to do in town anyway, and McBride still had their power, so we drove in.  On the way down our road I noticed a tree had fallen, pulling a line down, and an hour or so later when we had completed all our town tasks and were driving back home, we saw that BC Hydro repair crews had trucks in two locations along the road, fixing the problem.  They ended up having to replace one of the poles as well as the line.
    So if you noticed that this blog was late, now you know why.

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