Sunday 28 September 2014

The Elephant Tree

     One of the memorable local landmarks from my childhood was a huge greatly deformed tree that was referred to as the "Elephant Tree", because of its shape.  It had been growing in the neighborhood beside the cemetery, for probably more than a hundred years.
     The photo shows my mother standing on the tree in 1935.  She told me long before that, there used to be an elementary school located across the road and those school kids used to play around the tree.  By the time she was ready for school, that original school was gone and she went to Highland School further down the road.
     When I was a kid, the tree was larger, and my parents would sometime walk us over to the Elephant Tree and hoist us up on it to give us a thrill.  I have an old home movie from the 1970's that show the tree still alive, but alas, it has since blown down in a storm and is now returning its nutrients to the soil.

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