Tuesday 16 September 2014

My Annual "Bear Destroys Our Fruit Tree" Photo

    The sad sprawl of branches you see in the photo used to be our well formed apple tree.  I really don’t know why we bother.  Last year the bear did so much damage to our fruit trees that most of them were in recovery all year and didn’t produce any fruit, well, there was one apple on one, but I think the deer ate it.
    This tree was within our fenced in garden, and was untouched last year, unfortunately, there was one section in our defenses that was vulnerable to entry and the bear found it.  The apple tree had about 8 ripening apples on it.  The day before I picked one of them, put it in my pack, took it along on my Boulder Mountain hike, and ate it on top of the mountain.  I wished I would have picked all the other apples at the same time.
    Also within our enclosed garden we have a plum tree, it produced one plum this year.  We have been watching that plum all summer, and were looking forward to tasting it, but the bear found it too.  At least the bear didn’t tear up the plum tree, it just picked the plum.
    As much as I like having wildlife around, it sure can be a pain.

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