Wednesday 8 March 2023

Wow, 102 Years Old!

    Today was my mother’s 102nd Birthday!  The family, who is all spread out, all came together online and celebrated the big event with an international Zoom call.  On the call were family members from The Netherlands, California, British Colombia, and Indiana, where the actual Birthday Party took place.  It was fun to see the family and hear all of the banter again.  My mother really seemed to enjoy the ice cream birthday cake, and she just ate away as everyone else joked and talked.

    A Very Happy Birthday Mom, and many more.


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  1. Happy Birthday, however belated, Mrs M. I knew Mrs M a half-century ago when we were both substitute teaching at Reitz High School. While I was encountering all the difficulties a stereotypical substitute teacher faces, Mrs M's classes were busy being polite, paying attention and learning. She simply wouldn't have it any other way. I would go on to teach for over thirty years, and I was forever wanting to be as effective as she.