Wednesday 22 March 2023

Scary Wood

     Yesterday, I carried four pieces of wood from the dead tree I bucked up, out of the bush and onto the pasture.  They were, of course, still sitting there in the snow this morning when I went out to walk Kona around the pond this morning.  Kona spotted from a distance, the wood sitting there in the snow, and totally freaked out.  She erupted into a loud barking fit and refused to walk any further into the pasture.  

    Because I wanted to continue the walk, but couldn’t convince Kona to move, I walked over to the the wood and sat down on one of the rounds.  Finally, when Kona saw me peacefully sitting on the scary wood, she slowly and cautiously made her way over to where I was sitting, and sniffed at the wood.  Seeing the wood was harmless, we were then able to continue our walk around the pond.

    We have had about a week of really beautiful clear sunny weather, with temperatures getting above freezing during the day.  Below is a shot of the endless blue sky as we began our morning walk around the pond.

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