Wednesday 29 March 2023

Therapeutic Dog

    When Kona slept alone in the living room, we didn’t have many restful nights.  Kona would hear a deer or something outside in the middle of the night and erupt into a fit of very loud barking.  She would also make a point of getting up before 6:00 in the morning then insist that we do the same.  To try and solve the problem, I started making her sleep upstairs in my room.  That solved the deer problem, but she still woke up way too early in the morning.

    Then one night while she was sleeping upstairs, the electricity went off, then came back on, Kona freaked out and couldn’t be calmed down, so I put her in my bed to try to comfort her.  She finally calmed down and went to sleep in my bed.  I just let her be, and amazingly, she slept quietly all night, her butt against my back.  I had been relegated to sleeping on my side on the small space on the edge of the bed, but I made it through and so did Kona, who slept until just before 7:00.

    Being able to sleep through the night without being awoken by her barking and to wake up later in the morning, was worth the small space left for me to sleep in, so Kona now sleeps with me every night. 

    One night for some reason she jumped off of the bed, went down stairs and slept there.  When I woke up the next morning, I had a really sore lower back, which plagued me all day.  I guess I slept in all kinds of strange positions all night, taking advantage of all that extra space.

    The following night, Kona was back in sleeping with me and I was back to sleeping on my side on the edge of the bed.   Miraculously, the next day when I got out of bed, my backache had been cured and no longer hurt.  I guess having Kona’s butt against my back all night, keeping me sleeping on my side, has health benefits.

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