Wednesday 1 March 2023

Water Moving Underground

    I find underground water mysterious.  It moves and changes course in ways we can only guess about.

    Just up the road there are five households that get their water from a spring.  The spring has been very stable, providing water for decades, then suddenly a month ago, the spring unexpectedly dried up, leaving the families scrambling around seeking other sources of water to use in their homes.

    Meanwhile at our place, ground water has been seeping up through tiny cracks in our carport and freezing.  More water seeps onto the top of that ice that had formed and then freezes, making our carport a treacherous place to walk.  I have spread grit and ashes on top of the ice, but that is soon buried by more ice.

    It seems strange that ground water would dry up in some places and be seeping out in other places, not that far away.

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