Sunday 3 September 2023

Special Air Quality Statement

    After all the many times we have had these Special Air Quality Statements this summer, one might think that we would be adapting to them, but my tired, weepy eyes tell me that I am not.  We got a bit of rain overnight, and again I mistakenly thought that maybe the skies would be clearer this morning, but if anything they are worse.

    BC, and much of Canada continue to suffer through a record number of forest fires.  Last I heard BC has over four hundred active forest fires burning throughout the Province, with new one being reported almost daily.  Luckily at present, locally we are just being impacted by the smoke from distant fires, but that is damaging our lungs and bodies every time we take a breath.  It looks like another low key, “inside day” for us.

    Below is a photo I took this morning from the far side of the pond.  Can you spot Kona?  The smoke didn’t dampen her enthusiasm for hunting mice.

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