Thursday 14 September 2023

First Frost

    Last Wednesday, Sept. 6th, I blogged about seeing new snow on our mountaintops, and mentioned how important the seasons are up here in the Interior of BC.  I wrote that seeing signs of those changing seasons are very noteworthy to me.  That being the case, I am going to pause; leaving 1987 David in San Cristobal for a day to tell you that another sign of seasonal change happened overnight--we got our first frost.

    This was not a killing frost, so little damage was done to most of the plants.  In fact this morning when I got up our thermometer read 2°C (35°F) outside, not even freezing, but it was those areas, like my pasture, which is out in the open that got touched by the frost.

    The photo shows the small rounded ice crystals on the leaves of a lupine plant.  Lupines are tough plants and can stand a bit of frost, so no harm done.

    Hopefully tomorrow, 1987 David continue his romp through Mexico and on to Guatemala.

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