Tuesday 5 September 2023

1987 Travel Journal: Buying Gum In Mexico City

Back in my room, I happily freed my feet from the shoes, and removed my heavy camera bag,  from the groove it had worn in my shoulders, and flopped down on the bed for a rest.   Once I was somewhat restored, hunger drove me back out onto the street looking for food.  I came upon another Burger Boy fast food restaurant and ordered myself a Coke, French Fries, and a something called a “Pizza Boy” hamburguesa.  The meal cost me $1,900 pesos which amounted to $2.50 Canadian.  

As I sat finishing off my Pizza Boy burger, I was approached by two little Indian girls.  It seemed they wanted me to buy some gum from them.  I still wasn’t real clear about the value of the different Mexican coins, but reached into my pockets and pulled out a coin and gave it to the one girl, who then handed me five little packs of Chiclet-like gum, and some change.  I was surprised when she then proceeded to “cross herself” and in a low voice, repeated something I didn’t understand.  She guiltily looked up to me and saw that I didn’t object to the five packs of gum or the change she given me, she smiled, giggled, and went on to the next table. 

When I got back to my hotel room, hunger-satisfied, and very tired, I managed to read a few more pages in my crumby novel, before turning out the light, wondering what adventures tomorrow’s trip to Oaxaca might hold.

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