Wednesday 18 November 2020

The Tuesday Night Solo

    I always look forward to Tuesday night because that is when I would join other local musicians for our Tuesday Night Jam.   Last week I did something that was very difficult, I cancelled the jam for the foreseeable future.  Covid-19 is on the rise in BC.  For a long time those of us living in the isolated Robson Valley felt relatively safe because we didn’t have any local cases, but that has now changed.

    During the summer when the jam was playing out on the porch of the train station with the rain showers and mosquitoes, I felt that there wasn’t much threat of us spreading the virus.  When Fall’s colder and darker weather started to creep in, I scrambled around looking for an inside space where we could play, and luckily we were able to play in the empty Legion Hall.  It was a large enough space for us to spread out while we were playing. 

    I knew being in an enclosed area did increase the chances of virus spread, but it still seemed that it was a gamble we could win.  Once we got Covid cases in McBride, and we began to get more and more cases in Northern BC, I just didn’t want to take a chance that one of us would unknowingly spread the virus to others at the jam, and I shut it down.

    So here I am on Tuesday night playing my guitar to Kona.  Not very motivating; Kona quickly lost interest, jumped down off of the bed, and walked away after the photo was taken.  It sure is a lot more fun playing with others.  At present, things are looking fairly dire as far as our jam returning to “normal” anytime soon.

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  1. Kona enjoyed it, just needed a few pets with those hands to make it okay.
    Kona would also rather enjoy the guitar from a little bit of distance , it is hard to adjust the audio on a human player, except by walking away a bit . Just adjusting the volume dad.