Saturday 7 November 2020

Living In The Third World

    While what Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is now doing to the Amazon is clearly ecocide.  Canadians can’t be too smug because a lot of those same things are being done here.  I like living in a place that is surrounded by pristine wilderness, but it becomes depressing to watch how it is gradually and continually being whittlied away, as nature is being converted into money.

    I took this photo on our recent trip to Valemount.  I assume this area is being cleared for agriculture, but we also saw the all of the heavy machinery stripping the area beside Highway 5 to make way for the Trans-Mountain Pipeline “upgrade”, now owned by the Canadian taxpayer.  The size of the pipeline is be tripled so that the heavy oil from the Alberta Tar Sands can be shipped to Asia.   

    All the “green” talk about carbon reduction is sadly just that; talk.  The pipeline will assure oil will continue to be pumped into the atmosphere for 50 more years, and oil company stockholders will continue to increase their already obscene wealth.

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