Wednesday 4 November 2020

Kona Has Baby Sitters: Squirrels

    See the  squirrel up on the board, Kona sure does.  She is transfixed by the critters.  They are always coming to the bird feeder to get the sunflower seeds, and Kona loves nothing more than to chase them up a tree then, watch them jump from branch to branch and tree to tree.  When they stop leaping around Kona  sits as still as a statue to watch them as they scold her about preventing them from going to the bird feeder.

    While it takes the pressure of us about keeping Kona entertained, it does have its down side.  Because everything around here is still so muddy, it means when we do get Kona back into the house, I have to immediately carry her to the shower so I can wash the mud off of her feet.

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