Friday 6 November 2020

Not A Robin; A Varied Thrush

    For a couple of weeks now as I have driven down the road, I have noticed robins out in the yards and wonder what are they still doing here, they should have flown south.  When I saw some of these robins around our house, I realized that they weren’t “robins” at all, but Varied Thrush.  They do look somewhat like robins, but they are a bit bigger and have a similar orangish chest.  They are flashier looking than a robin, sporting a black band below the throat and some the orange patches on their wings.

    They generally live deeper in the forest, but I generally see them very early in the spring before all the snow melts and of course, this time of year.  I used to call them “Telephone Birds” because from a distance their call sounded like our telephone ringing in the distance.   When we first move to the Robson Valley, I would sometimes be outside working when I heard their call, then go into the house to answer the phone.  

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