Thursday, 8 October 2020

Trump References in Decade-Old Songs

    I always listen to music when I am painting my square every day.  The other day my computer shuffled to the John Gorka song, “Where Bottles Break.”  Gorka wrote this song about greed way back in 1991.  Surprisingly (big surprise) there is a reference to Trump in the lyrics:

    “The buyers come from out of state

    and they raise the rent.

    Buy low, sell high

    You get rich and you still die.

    Money talks and people jump

    ask how high low-life Donald what’s-his-name

    and who cares

    I don’t want to know what his girlfriend doesn’t wear

    It’s a shame that the people at work

    Wanna hear about this kind of jerk.”

    Here is John Gorka singing his 2013 version of the song:  where bottles break

    Another song that sometimes shuffles to me is the Don Henley song,  “Gimme What You’ve Got.”  It also is a song about greed and was written in 1989.  Here are some of its lyrics:

   “Now it’s take, and take, and takeover, takeover.

    It’s all take and never give.

    All these trumped up towers

    They’re just golden showers

    Where are people supposed to live?

    I think the “golden showers” reference in this 30 year old song is interesting in light of current revelations of Trump and golden showers.

    I also know of one other Trump reference in an old song.  It is a Woody Guthrie song that we sometimes play at our jam.  In this song the reference is to Fred Trump (Donald’s father) in the 1950 Guthrie song “I Ain’t Got No Home.”  It was written after Woody’s experience living in Beach Haven, a Trump-owned apartment that discriminated against Blacks.

    “Beach Haven ain’t my home

    I just can’t pay the rent,

    my money’s down the drain,

    my soul is badly bent.

    Beach Haven is a haven where only White folks roam,

    No, No, Old Man Trump, Beach Haven ain’t my home.”

    Here is a link to the song:

    Donald, who always demands to be at the center of things, should be pleased knowing even decade old songs are about him (or his father).  He doesn't seem to be unhappy about negative references, as long as it's just about HIM.

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