Tuesday, 20 October 2020

I Won't Be Needing This For A While

    Winter has arrived upon us quicker than normal this year, catching me off guard.  I had planned to tear out the garden and till it, mow the yard one last time, and do several other tasks before winter’s onslaught, but rain held me off, and now suddenly, it was winter.

    The weather experts say this early winter is the fault of El Nina, the sister of El Nino, which has established herself in the Pacific, with a promise of a colder than normal winter for Western Canada.  Great, just the way to top off already terrible year.

    As you can see, yesterday I dedicated myself to trading the places for my machines.  I put the lawn mower and rototiller into the barn for winter storage and got out my snow blower, ready for action. 

    The sudden winter has put the pressure on get a lot of things done quickly, before winter hits us really hard.

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