Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Kona: Built For Speed


    Our new dog loves to run, and boy can she do it.  I thought we had fast dogs before, but they were nothing like Kona.  I mentioned this to a friend, who then asked for some photos.  I tried, but all I was able to get were these blurry ones.  They do give you an idea of her speed.

    She runs like a cheetah or greyhound.  See how she compresses her body, then like a spring, explodes it as she stretches out.

    Kona has discovered squirrels in our yard and remembers where she saw them.  Now whenever she is outside, she spends her time sprinting from one squirrel place to another, getting lots of exercise, but never seems to tire.    She loves the out of doors.

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  1. Good to see her. Thanks for the update. Happy girl, makes you smile more as well.