Sunday 12 June 2016

It Lives!

    After I took the fruit tree grafting workshop at Dunster, I had very little faith that the two apple branches I grafted would survive into treehood.  Jeff, the instructor, had brought some very sharp grafting knives that we could borrow to do the grafting, but I chose to use the duller carving knife I had brought from home.  As a result the cuts I made on the branches were rather shabbily done, but I shrugged my shoulders and proceeded, and stuck the two parts together and taped them.
    When I got home I planted my two new trees into the soil, but like I said, I didn’t really have much faith that the outcome would be positive.  The other day I checked the two grafted trees and to my great amazement and satisfaction, discovered that the grafted section were both putting out leaves, so it seems my grafting worked.
    These two apple trees have a lot of years to grow before I can feel total success, they are only 2 feet (60cm) tall, but at least they have passed the first critical part of their new life.

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