Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A Deer, Our Cat, and Our Dog

    Yesterday, as we were fixing our breakfast, Joan glanced out of the kitchen window and said, “There’s a deer in the yard.”
    Sure enough, an adolescent male deer was walking through our front yard toward our big pot of geraniums.  At the same time, Lucifer our cat came strolling down the sidewalk.  She glanced over at the deer, but wasn’t deterred by the wild creature’s presence, and continued on her journey.  
    From the window we watched the deer approach the geraniums.  We didn’t think deer ate geraniums, but when it bit off three blooms, I called our normally cowardly dog to the door, and let her out.  (Skye, even though the biggest chicken in the world, does feel brave enough to chase deer from the yard.)
    Skye, who knew something was up, ran out to the porch, frantically looking around in the wrong direction for the problem.  Meanwhile the deer took advantage of Skye’s confusion and scampered across the yard and jumped the fence, escaping to the woods.  Skye, too late, finally caught the scent of the deer and gave out a few token barks, then turned and walked, head high and chest out, back into the house, clearly impressed by her brave actions.

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