Sunday 4 October 2015

Sleeping with Ruby


      After my adventures with Ruby running off I the dark the other day, I figured that things would get back to a normal routine, but I was mistaken.  On Friday afternoon I was busy trying to fix up a mailbox for my mother, and it meant many walks over to my sister's house for material and paint.  I got tired of getting the key from its hiding place each time I had to get into Jane's house, so I just stuck ithe key into my pocket--a big mistake.
     A couple of hours later when I reached into my pocket to unlock Jane's door, I discovered to my dismay, it was no longer there.  I had somehow managed to lose it.  Jane was in Forida vacationing, I figured maybe there must be an extra key at Mom's house and so I grabbed all of the keys she had and walked back to my sister's to try them.  None of them worked.
     My next hope was that maybe my niece or nephew had a key to the house but they didn't.  There was no way I could get into the house.  The only bit of good fortune in this sad episode was that Jane's dog Ruby, who normally spends her days inside the house was outside; luckily I had chained her out there so she would get some sunshine. 
     After a few hours outside she was wanting to go back in, but there was no way of explaining to her that she couldn't.  When evening came I brought her into my mom's house.  I wondered where she would sleep and when bedtime came I found out--snuggling up next to me in my bed.  That was okay except that Ruby really snores. She snores really loudly.  I didn't sleep very well, but Ruby slept well. 
     Fortunately for me, the weather turned cold in Florida and my sister came home overnight with her key so when morning came, Ruby was able to return to her normal schedule, and her normal bed. 

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