Saturday 24 October 2015


    Amazingly, our tiny community has a playwright and a theatre troupe.  The playwright is Sharon Stearns and the troupe called the Robson Valley Theatre Collective.  They periodically write, produce and present drama for the area.  Last night I went to see the opening night of their play, “Farmalot.”  
    It is was a fun and rowdy mixture of “Camelot” and the modern genetically modified food industry, full of song, talking ravens, and comedy.  I am always impressed at the talent that is hidden away in our little valley.  Its always a treat when it comes out into the open. 
    There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into these productions that are only performed 4 times (one more tonight in McBride, and then two performances next weekend in Valemount),  Go see it, if you can still find a ticket.

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