Friday 2 October 2015

"Ruubeee, Ruubeee, Damn, Damn, Damn"


      The big accident I blogged about yesterday was not the only excitement I had Wednesday night, I  also experienced a period of despair and frustration because of Ruby, my sister's dog, whose photo you see above. 
     Ruby is a fairly sedentary animal that spends most of her time snoozing in the house.  My sister asked me to look after Ruby while she was away.  I, of course, like dogs and given Ruby's lifestyle, I happily consented to the job.  Everything went well with Ruby and I until Wednesday night.  My cousin Dan had come over for a visit and didn't leave until dusk.  Then I walked over to my sister's to feed Ruby.
     Before I fed her, I put the leash on her, walked her outside so she could do her business and I held her steady while I unsnapped the leash and fastened her to her chain outside.  Then I went back in the house to fill up her bowl.  When I walked back outside it was dark.  I knelt down to switch her back to her leash, but in the dark it was hard to see what I was doing and I had difficulty unsnapping her because of a cut on my thumb.  Before I knew what happened, Ruby jerked free and like a bullet, she shot into the darkness.
     I didn't panic at first because she is always such a hungry dog, and I figured she would come right back to the door so she could get in to her waiting bowl of food.  To my dismay, she didn't come back.
    I called and called, but no Ruby.  It was useless to go out and try to find her in the fields and woods of the rural neighborhood in the dark.  My sister had a line of flashlights standing in the windowsill, but the only one that worked was a small dim one that didn't put out much light.  The porch light didn't come on when I flicked the switch, so all I could think of to do was call her and wait.
    So for two long hours that's what I did.  All that time I was falling deeper and deeper into despair.  What if she ran out into the road and got hit?  How could I explain that to my sister?  What if she got lost way out in the woods?  I felt horrible.  I hated myself for not being more careful.  I hated Ruby for being such a bad dog.  I promised myself if she came back I would make extra sure she was secured to a line or a leash.
    At one point Ruby came back to the carport, I sighed in relief, but before I finished exhaling she turned and again quickly disappeared into the darkness, throwing me deeper into depression.  Finally after two hours I heard a dog howling in the distance in the direction of my mother's house.  I went as quickly as I could to see, and yes, it was Ruby, standing under the big maple tree.
    Not taking any chances, I picked the sausage-like dog up, an held her tightly, carried her back to my sister's house, and didn't let go until we were inside, and the door was closed.  I was so relieved, and exhausted from the stress.
     As you might expect I have been extremely careful about hooking and unhooking Ruby, despite my sore thumb, I certainly don't want to experience any more of Ruby's escapes.

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